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Stimulated by Taramati Bafna Blind School, Divyaang is yet another distinctive concept. What started as a small family foundation has now gone up to the next level of groundwork all together. Our core inkling was to make this society an unbiased one, by fighting for a place for every individual despite his or her condition. This foundation is equipped with the best of the trainers and volunteers who put their heart and soul into bettering other’s lives. Functioning as a part non-profit organisation, we ambition to eradicate the taboo on the weakness’ of the impaired and aim to reinforce their strengths. We determinedly trust that our undertaking surely is to uplift the downtrodden and poverty stricken families who are home to challenged humans.

The team of Divyaang envisions to open several other doors for the blind by giving them this boost that they can indeed use their blindness as a gift and make things happen for them if they really feel resilient enough to. We have a lot of strength to give, and we are ready to embrace anyone who wants to be a part of Divyaang and make life worth living.

In the time to come, we would love to establish a full-fledged foundation with several other differently abled people joining hands with us. That will empower us to come up with more programmes for them at Divyaang and advance more opportunities for them.

Just like any other money making organisation, Divyaang is also one that comes with ethics. We look forward to treating every one as equals and we are bound by the only value of giving care and love. We powerfully have confidence in the fact that when one has care and love to give to people who need it most, have the capability to swim oceans to help them stand up in life.

With simplicity and humility, our foundation lies on just one ethos, expanding the market of work for the differently abled by all means possible. This is our only philosophy, drive and long-term goal.

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Massage sirf by the Expert and Cerified Blind massage theropist at Custmoer door, Amoung all Local Area

Diffrent Domesting Product like Agarbatties, Soap, Candles are maufactured by the Blind and Diffrently abled Brothers, and the sold by them.

Taramati Bafna Blind School

Chikalthana Aurangabad

  • Blind School from last 25 years
  • 5000+ studenta has been Passout yet
  • Free Hostel and Meal For the Blind Kids
  • 5 acres Huge Campus

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  • Shop no A101, CTS 12503, Near Buldhana Bank, Opp Akashwani, Aurangabad
  • +91 96074 280000+91 96074 280000
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